The Norton Collection is an outstanding accumulation of books, manuscripts, maps, charts, prints, photographs and postcards. It is the result of a lifetime of collecting by Dr Eamon Norton. From an old Athlone family, Dr Norton qualified as a doctor in 1949. He established his practice in Westgate End House, Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1953. The property was destined to house one of the finest Irish libraries in private ownership in the UK or Ireland.

The Norton Collection comprises over 12,000 volumes and much ephemera. The contents of the collection is practically all of Irish interest; some of the highlights include:

  • Maps and atlases by Mercator, Speed, Petty and Janson
  • A definitive collection on the Shannon
  • A collection of early Irish grammars and cathechisms
  • Nineteenth century reports, commissions and enquiries
  • A full range of county histories
  • A postcard collection of every county in Ireland (12,000 postcards)
  • A superb collection of Irish guide, travel and topographical books


The Norton Collection is searchable on the main library catalogue