Unique and Distinctive

Highlights from the Glucksman Library at the University of Limerick

Advent 2019: 9 December

Image of Captain Pat Armstrong’s grave in Arras, France

Advent 2018: 8 December

An illustrated Sinn Féin Christmas card collected by Limerick politican Jim Kemmy

Advent 2018: 7 December

Diary entries for December 1867 from our Glin collection

Advent 2018: 6 December

A nativity scene from a book of hours from our Bolton collection, 1534

Advent 2018: 5 December

A beautiful children’s Christmas story by Frank McCourt about his mother Angela

Advent 2018: 4 December

Colourful calling birds from a scrapbook in our Allot collection

Advent 2018: 3 December

Christmas postcard sent to author Kate O’Brien from Siena, Italy

Advent 2018: 2 December

Mounted engraving of young girls being taught how to make Limerick lace

Advent 2018: 1 December

Christmas card to Daly family from P Plunkett O’Leary