Advent calendar 2022: A focus on UL50 and the University Archives

by Diarmuid O’Callaghan, Library Assistant

Our Advent Calendar last year focused on the theme of ‘travel and transport’, drawing on our various archives, rare books and postcard collections. The calendar highlighted some of our collections most interesting modes of transportation and exciting travels.

This year, the Special Collections and Archives Advent Calendar will showcase some of the best images from the UL archive, telling the story of UL from the very beginning.

Check back each day to reveal a new image and learn a little more about the University of Limerick!


In May 2022, the University of Limerick began celebrating 50 significant years of learning and teaching, research with impact, enterprise and engagement. The Special Collections & Archives department has been involved in two exhibitions already this year, ‘University of our Time’ by Zara King and ‘Fifty Years of ‘Pioneering Women’ at the University of Limerick: Past and Present’ by Dr. Martin Walsh.


University of our Time

Ed Walsh and Zara Power at the launch of the exhibition


Drawing on a range of objects, images, video footage, oral histories, and documents, the multimedia exhibition charts the campaign for a university, the establishment of the NIHE and the National College of Physical Education, and Thomond College of Education, the attainment of university status, and the part played by students, staff, donors and others in establishing a community of scholars and students at Plassey. Curated by Zara Power and working closely with the Special Collections & Archives Department, The exhibition can be found in the Millstream Building. It is open to the public and will run until 31 May 2023.


Fifty Years of ‘Pioneering Women’ at the University of Limerick: Past and Present


This exhibition has its origin in the theme of the 2022 Women’s History Association of Ireland Conference: “Networks and Communities”. Through the development of networks and communities women have been to the forefront of the growth of the University of Limerick over the past fifty-years. This exhibition is an acknowledgment of their work. The exhibition was curated by Dr. Martin Walsh and can be found in the atrium of the Glucksman Library and will run until the 1st of May in 2023.