I is for…

Isaac Basire


The chaplain to Charles I travelled widely during the turbulent years of that monarch’s reign, and among the items he acquired was this wonderful Latin-Ethiopic-Arabic sammelband, here dedicated to him by the authors/ printer. Most of the items from the library of Isaac Basire came to the Bolton Library in February 1710 via Archbishop William King, and included in the collection is the now rare and marked up catalogue of that sale.




Villains, hitchhikers or subject matter, you cannot get away from insects in the Bolton Library: wormhole and silverfish damage, the five two-spot ladybirds in residence in Bolton Library Y.4.19, the declaration that ‘Every herb has its peculiar insect’ in the Bolton Library I.16.16, the ‘bug’ Bible. As for this find in Bolton Library Y.6.13, could we perhaps suggest Tegenaria casselensis?