J is for…

James I


King James VI and I of England authored the slim but influential Daemonologie (London, 1603) following a voyage to meet and marry his intended, Anne of Denmark. The trip was beset by storms, storms which the young king came to believe had supernatural rather than meteorological roots. He is also the author, albeit anonymously, of Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus (1607).

John the Baptist

John the Baptist preaching on the rear cover of Explicit abbreuiamentu[m] statutor[um]] (1503)


Preaching on the rear cover of a signed binding from the turn of the 16th century is John the Baptist. He appears on a rare panel binding in conjunction with a figure known as ‘the emperor’ on the front cover. Panel binding was much in vogue in printer-binder Richard Pynson’s native Normandy at the time, and he uses it here to cover his commission, the equally rare Explicit abbreuiamentu[m] statutor[um].