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Research Catalogues

Three published catalogues have been produced throughout the Bolton Library’s lifetime:

  • Catalogue of the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Cashel (Dublin, 1873) ​The least comprehensive of the three, this catalogue details less than 50% of the collection. It does have one advantage in that it has been digitised in full and is available online.
  • Jean Miller’s Catalogue of the Cashel Diocesan Library, County Tipperary, Republic of Ireland (Boston, 1973) Jean Miller worked in difficult conditions to produce this catalogue, working in situ in Cashel photostatting the library’s card catalogue. She added her own notes and findings in places, to produce an invaluable picture of the library as it existed in the late 20th century.
  • Robert Matteson’s A Large Private Park (Cambridge, 2003) Robert Matteson’s catalogue focuses solely on items collected by Archbishop William King, an estimated 5000 of which are now in the Bolton Library.


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