De Traditionibus Apostolicis et Tacitis Partes Tres

Portion of the title page of Q.2.6


De Traditionibus Apostolicis et Tacitis Partes Tres : Vnà cum Prolegomenis et Appendicibus, ad Planiorem Omnium in his Partibus Comprehensorum Declarationem Adiectis

Written by Hermann Hamelmann (1525-1595)

Published in Basel, by Hieronymus Feyerabend in 1568.

Shelfmark: Bolton Library Q.2.6.


Close-up of the detail on the cover of Q.2.6


Hamelmann was a German Luthern theologian and this theological work was published in Basle in 1568. It has a beautiful calf binding with panels, figures, devices and scrolling in blind tooling. It has not yet catalogued but we show this as an example of the challenges faced by the cataloguer in working on these books. The book is recorded in the 1873 published Cashel catalogue but not in the 1972 published catalogue. It has more than one shelf mark. It was probably on display at some time and it was most likely given another shelf mark to accommodate it at the end of the sequence rather than replace it in its original position on the shelves. The UL Library catalogue will record all the shelf marks and history of provenance for each of the books.