Rervm Brabanticarvm libri XIX

Title page of A.17.1


Rervm Brabanticarvm libri XIX

Written by Petreus Divaeus (1536-1581)

Published in Antwerp and printed by Hieronymus Verdussen in 1610.

Shelfmark: Bolton Library A.17.1.

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Manuscript waste in A.17.1


The distressed state of some of the books provides a unique opportunity to discover waste fragments used in the binding construction.  These are the scraps, fragments, strips and squares of what were once whole items in their own right: printed books and manuscripts, charters and legal documents, correspondence and account books, recycled by the bookbinders of our collection to strengthen and support the stars of the show. Waste fragments are of great interest and this work by Divaeus contains a perfect example of manuscript waste. Read more about this in our blog Bolton Library: Bolted On #1.